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MillionaireMatch.comMillionaire Match is a Celebrity Dating Site, where millionaires can meet as well as date other millionaire, it also gives ample opportunity to those who are seeking to date millionaires. These sites embody members to the inclusion of CEOs, beauty queens, Hollywood celebrities models, doctors, lawyers among other sites which is also known as the king of all dating sites,

Millionairematch was created in 2001, to cater to rich as it relates to dating and searching for their admirers. It has an elite level clientele and has strict rules which its members are governed, one of such is that it doesn't allow the activities of sugar daddies and sugar babies. It requires strict verification. Members who's income are verified become certified users and are granted some privileges.

Dating is something everyone is into these days and there's is no restrictions or limitations as to who can date. The old, young, middle-aged, attractive, everyone is looking to be in one relationship or another, to find that bond, that connection that will thrill as well as bring them bliss for the longest time. While looking for these relationships one thing you take into cognizance is your taste and preferences in people your looking to date. This differs from person to person and after making your mental note, one question that arises is where and how to meet such persons who would suit your taste especially when your preference is the affluent or perhaps your someone from wealth and class looking to meet another individual such as yourself.

A site which offers you such an amazing experience and an encounter that leaves you wanting more is

It basically has two membership plans;

1. The free membership
2. The gold or premium membership

The free membership or standard membership avails you some benefits such as being able to create a profile and upload pictures as well as giving a description of yourself and the kind of person you seek to meet. Other members may view your profile and as a standard member you are free to send winks to members who may respond and afterward you may discuss with them, however, your restricted from initiating a conversation

The premium or gold membership has the most alluring benefits to subscribers. It allows premium members to initiate conversations with other users well. You are able to conduct advanced searches, see who is interested in you among other features.

The millionaire match engenders series of features, which greatly depends on the category of member you fall into, some of such features are;

Vip/exclusive service

This membership is open to celebrities and certified millionaires, it offers premium service to its members as it specially devoted to helping members of this category find their significant other. It offers a series of benefits such as creation of profile, a virtual daring assistant, an online profile manager, personal matchmaking, email, and phone consultation as wells as exclusive matchmaking. These services ensure that VIPs such as celebrities are effectively matched, hence avoiding low-quality matches.

Members' luxury

Members' luxury is an amazing feature on the millionaire match, in this section, members have the liberty to post and upload pictures of their luxuries. It is a medium through which members showcase their luxurious lifestyles. Pictures could be of yachts, expensive cars, jewels among others

The site introduced a new feature for Certified members and VIP members. This feature which has been given allows them to hide their faces and in its place use pictures of luxury such as supercars and very limited items, on their profile. The use of headshot photos would be temporarily forsaken for the purpose of further guarding their privacy. This feature which is restricted to certified millionaires would essentially allow them more privacy until they are matched and then they can afterward reveal their identity to whomever they are matched with.


It is no doubt that the millionaire match site takes cognizance of the need of their members and are specifically dedicated to giving members the best of services for the best of experiences, while they seek a prospective partner. It should be noted that this dating site is not specifically created to cater to the need of women looking for rich men. A number of well to do women are also looking for average men. The site is definitely alluring to those interest in wealth and dating